Nochella is a one day music festival alternative to other larger, more expensive local music festivals in April.
It is open to the public and free of charge. Nochella highlights local and/or independent label artists
that are overlooked by mainstream music sources, and is a space for students and community members to get involved
in local and/or independent music scenes. It is sponsored by Pomona College (PEC and KSPC) and will definitely,
absolutely, kick butt. The artists performing at Nochella 2013 are listed below.


“The Dining Dead is an indie-alternative band hailing from the isolated hillsides of Santa Clarita, CA. …This relatively young band will for many recall the over-driven, cautiously-optimistic tones of the 1990s. It’s almost if Emily Haines and Stephen Malkmus decided to start a band with Issac Brock playing guitar and writing all the songs. Despite their retro-active melodies, one of the main draws of The Dining Dead is that their songs are surprisingly relatable to a younger crowd, and they effectively do this without sacrificing quality songwriting. Plus, they urge you to dance during their shows, so that can never be a bad thing…” -Carlo Chavez

“They’re pretty much angels with flaming wings. That’s a good thing.” -Charlyne Yi


"Garage sweetness."

Hear even more here

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